Bento bags image with text "Ready to Start Making Your Own Gorgeous Bento Bags for Yourself, Your Loved Ones or Even to Sell?"

Tired of searching for a Bento Bag tutorial

that gives you exactly what you need?

I get how frustrating it can be!

The good news is... you can stop your search!


The Bento Bag Workshop

This step-by-step workshop has all the detailed video instructions that you'll need, plus a PDF sewing pattern to create a bento bag you can be proud of with zero waste.

It's so much more than a YouTube video or blog post that leaves you needing more.

And you can get started on your first project today...

...for just $37

Bento bag with handles using geometirc patterned fabric

Wondering if you have the skills to make a bento bag?

Or if this workshop is suitable for the more experienced sewist?

The answer to these questions is YES and YES!

This is both an excellent beginner project AND a great way to learn something new and sharpen your sewing skills if you're more experienced.

You'll get all the tips and information you need to make a bag you love and will want to use again and again.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Customize your bento bag into different sizes
  • Make both lined & unlined bags
  • Make bags with and without a handle

Each version of these bags is designed to sew up fairly quickly, and the super simple bento sews up real fast.

And if you're looking for a zero waste project, look no further... here's a sewing project that doesn't leave you with scraps of fabric at the end!

All you need to get started on your first Bento Bag is a quarter yard of fabric and some thread... your sewing machine and iron will come in handy too.

Liz McDade with sewing machine

Hey there, I'm Liz

I’ve been making and selling these bags and my sewing patterns for several years.

When I first saw a bento bag (also known as an origami bag), I fell in love with the clean, minimal design and how functional it was. 

  • It’s such a simple design that can do so much
  • It’s a perfect zero waste pattern
  • It’s a great project for an eco-minded maker like YOU!

Look at the amazing bags others have made following my bento/origami bag instructions

Bento bag with handles
Joyce's bag
Bento bag hanging on door
D.R.'s bag

Bento bag used for everyday
Susan's bag

Bento fruit and veg bag
Jenny's bag

Bento fruit and veg bag
Linda's bag

Bento bag with flower pattern fabric
Kiran's bag

Check out what students from my other tutorials are saying:

“I made the tote bag! Oh my gosh it’s perfect! I have Autism & my fine motor skills aren’t great but your directions are stella[r]! I’m so proud of myself! I want to make them all now! Thank you so so much !!!!!!

- Wolf Star


“This was a great tutorial! The easiest one I’ve seen yet. I just finished my first pouch using this tutorial & it turned out really cute. I can’t wait to make more to give as gifts. I didn’t know cotton was compostable and we have a compost! So that was really cool to learn. Thank you!”

- Lindsay W.


“Great, easy to follow tutorial. Thank you.”

- Donna Cross


“Thanks for the tip about getting rid of the slack in the threads. I watched a ton of videos and I couldn’t figure out what I was missing.”

- tensjunkie1


“I love your tutorials. You’ve helped me so much. I made the lined zipper pouch and boy I love it, and it was soooo easy! Thank you!”

- Freedom&Faith LifeStyle


“I just made my first scrunchie! Yay! Thank you for the clear instructions. I sewed it by hand. Next step: learning how to use a sewing machine.”

- Kusum Wagle


“Your instructions are so clear! I didn’t think I wanted to do this project and now after watching the video, I do!”

- Holly Whiteside

Bento bags have so many uses!

When made with a handle, it's a great tote bag! 

  • Perfect for the market
  • Beach tote
  • Dance bag
  • Perfect for your lunch
  • Or use it as a purse

Perfect for project bags.

  • Keep your knitting organized!
  • Keep your in-process sewing projects organized in one of these.
  • I use these all over my studio to keep my projects tidy!

Great for bulk shopping

  • Load up fresh fruits & veggies & tie your bag closed.
  • Shop from the bulk bins & fill up with dried goods like beans & grains. Just tie it shut!

Avacados in a bento shopping bag

Perfect for traveling

  • Wrap up your undies & socks & drop 'em in your suitcase.
  • Wrap up your toiletries in one of these & keep them organized.

Great for toy storage

  • Keep those Lego sets together!
  • Get those doll clothes in a cute & tidy bundle.

Great as gift wrap

  • It's a gift on top of a gift!

Great as a gift

  • Make a loved one a bento bag as a thoughtful & functional gift. Fold it up & tie it with a ribbon.

The Bento Bag Workshop has it ALL!

Green patterned bento bag

It includes step-by-step instructions (video tutorials & handouts).

You also get general sewing skills training and inspiration... PLUS an introduction to zero waste sewing design.

You’ll walk away ready to design your own origami style bags in different sizes without making any waste.

Learn the simple formulas for making the bag exactly as you like.

This workshop is designed for makers & wanna be makers who care about the earth.


Project #1: Origami bag

  • Designed with a handle
  • Perfect as a tote or purse
  • Reversible, washable, & customizable
  • Learn how to turn scraps into a handle

Project #2: Lined bento bag

  • Perfect knitting or sewing project bag
  • Ties shut
  • Reversible, washable, & customizable
  • Learn how to avoid scraps when giving depth to a bag

Project #3: Simple bento bag

  • The EASIEST design
  • Made with a single strip of fabric
  • A zero waste (aka whole-cloth) design
  • Washable & customizable

Origami bag with fish fabric pattern

Total Value: $97

Regular Price: $37

Inside the Bento Bag Workshop is EVERYTHING you need to make beautiful bento bags.

You'll walk away more confident, inspired and empowered to sew your own bags.

Learn how to customize your designs.

Plus you won't make any waste in the process.

Once you've made 1 bento bag, you'll want to make tons more!

Boost your overall sewing skills... get tips & tricks to improve your sewing technique!

Go from homemade to handmade.

Want to sell these? Start a side hustle? You can!

Don't take my word for it.

Check out what my other students have to say...

"I had so much fun making my own beeswax wraps. Thank you @no_trace_shop for the workshop!


"I watched a lot of zipper pouch videos and yours was the best. The filming slow & step by step helped a lot."

- Tamar Mcginnis


"Your online beeswax wrap workshop was awesome! I especially liked the 'numbers' part of it as I am making my own beeswax wrap blend [using your formula]."

- Carrie


“Thank you for the tutorial! I like the metal clips idea.”

- Catalina Papadia

Here's a reminder of what you get inside the Bento Bag workshop:

~ Full video tutorials to walk you through every step of the bags

~ A PDF pattern with full step-by-step instructions & photos

~ Instructions & formula to customize your bag:
  • Make it larger or smaller
  • Boxed corners or flat bottom
  • Handle or tie closure
  • Reversible or single layer

~ Lifetime access to the videos & handout (or download the pdf & add it to your digital sewing patterns

~ Tag @no_trace_shop on Instagram with your make for a chance to be featured!

Project #1: Origami bag
  • Designed with a handle
  • Perfect as a tote or purse
  • Reversible, washable, and customizable

Project #2: Lined bento bag
  • Perfect knitting or sewing project bag
  • Ties shut
  • Reversible, washable, and customizable

Project #3: Simple bento bag
  • The EASIEST design
  • Made with a single strip of fabric
  • Washable & customizable

Got a question about the Bento Bag workshop? I've got answers...

What do I need to make these?

  • At a minimum, ¼ yard of fabric, thread, iron & sewing machine

Do I need sewing experience?

  • No! This bag is for all levels of sewing

Do I need a sewing machine?

  • A sewing machine is strongly recommended for this project

How long will this take me?

  • You can make the simple bento bag very quickly! It just depends on your speediness :).

What if I have questions while I’m working?

Total Value: $97

Regular Price: $37